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JJescapes’ Unforgettable Adventure at Vertical Sky Suites!

We are absolutely thrilled to share the extraordinary travel video created by the intrepid travelers of “JJescapes,” a remarkable YouTube channel that embarks on awe-inspiring adventures across the world. As the editor of Vertical Sky Suites, I am elated to extend our heartfelt appreciation to JJescapes for their visit to our accommodations and for showcasing the unique and experience we offer to their audience.

In their latest video, JJescapes takes us on a journey of a lifetime in the picturesque Cusco/Sacred Valley area, where they uncover one of the most unique and unforgettable experiences available. We were humbled and delighted to be the destination of choice for their adventure at Vertical Sky Suites in Ollantaytambo, Peru.

The video beautifully captures the thrill and excitement of their guided via ferrata tour, surrounded by the golden hills and snowcapped mountains that adorn the Sacred Valley. The anticipation builds as they make their way to their “room,” which happens to be suspended from the side of a 1,000m vertical cliff! Yet, as they reveal, the breathtaking views and the rush of adrenaline are incomparably rewarding.

We are immensely proud that JJescapes found our pods not only comfortable but also equipped with the of heating, ensuring an all-encompassing, magical experience. The inclusion of a jacuzzi hot tub, allowing guests to soak in the warmth while witnessing the sun set over the Sacred Valley, adds an extra touch of splendor to their stay.

At Vertical Sky Suites, we believe in curating experiences that are truly unique, and JJescapes’ video perfectly captures the essence of what we strive to offer our guests. We are deeply grateful for the generous mention and the kind words shared about their unforgettable time with us.

To JJescapes’ dedicated followers and fellow travelers, we highly recommend subscribing to their channel for more captivating adventures and travel inspiration. Their video showcases the beauty of exploration and the joy of discovering hidden gems around the world.

We extend our sincerest thanks to JJescapes for choosing Vertical Sky Suites as their destination and for the warm mention in their exceptional video. Being part of their incredible adventure was an honor, and we eagerly await the opportunity to welcome them and their audience back to Vertical Sky Suites in the future.

Safe travels and boundless memories to all!

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