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Your Stay

Staying at Vertical Sky Luxury Suites is an experience that lives long in the memory. Service that is thoughtful and discreet; food that attains culinary perfection yet is delivered in a relaxed, comfortable environment; Domes and Capsules that project opulence but make you instantly feel at home.

Our Landscape Options

Since its creation in 2020, Vertical Sky Luxury Suites aims to prove that hospitality and environmental conservation can coexist to create a unique and positive experience. The use of energy and water is controlled. The waste is recycled. Ingredients are purchased locally. The staff lives nearby and simply walks to work. Motorized transport is limited.

By choosing Vertical Sky Luxury Suites, you play an active role in this ecological mission.

Sleeping in a Dome caressed by the Andean Wings facing a breathtaking view… Limited transport in the camp means that you have to walk from reception to your Dome. This is part of the Vertical Sky Luxury Suites experience. Just like walking in a silent Andean Mountain or enjoying a local cuisine. Discover a unique experience where nature is luxury.

Our Luxury Rooms

Luxury Domes

Rest under the light of the stars, comfortable and with the luxury that Luxury Sky Suites offers you, Spacious dome with everything you need for a pleasant stay.

Luxury Capsules

Built on the edge of the mountain; you can enjoy the adrenaline and safety of relaxing with a breathtaking panoramic view of the valley and the starry skies.